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Classification Of Sunlight Room
- Apr 23, 2018 -

According to the top materials, the sun house is classified as: glass roof sunshine house, broken bridge aluminum roof sunshine house, de Gao tile top sunshine house, color steel plate top sun room.

Sunshine housing is classified according to facade materials: Feng aluminum broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, Xingfa broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, aluminum clad wood doors and windows, plastic steel doors and windows.

Sunlight houses are classified according to their structure: steel structure sunlight house, aluminum structure sunlight room, steel aluminum structure sunlight house, wooden structure sunlight room.

According to the location of sunshine house: balcony, sunshine room, garden sunlight room, door and sun room, underground courtyard sunshine room, balcony balcony.

The sun room is classified according to the shape: the creative roof room, the combination top sun room, the modeling top sun room, the monoclinic roof room.

European style sunshine room classification: Mediterranean style sunshine room, Byzantine sunshine room, Vitoria style sunshine room, Gothic sunshine room.

Various systems of sun house: inclined roof skylight system, intelligent sunshade system, natural ventilation system, energy saving Low-E glass and water drop system.