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Daily Selection Of Shower Room
- Apr 23, 2018 -

Acrylic plate: mainly depends on the gloss of the acrylic sheet and the thickness of the back treatment. Under the direct light, good acrylic sheets avoid light effect, light transmittance is uniform, feel with hands, good material texture is thick, not easy to deform. The good or bad of the pulley and hinges directly affects the normal use of the product, the good pulley and hinges, the smooth sliding and the switch, the small noise, the copper material, the large brand manufacturers have their own designed patented pulley and hinges.

Safety: related to glass material, can be divided into ordinary glass and tempered glass, ordinary glass is cheap to use unsafe, more use of tempered glass, at least the use of 5MM toughened glass, with strong impact resistance ability, not easy to break. On the glass with strong safety, there is usually toughening identification mark CCC.

Waterproofing: more popular dry and wet separation, considering the tightness of joints. Sealant strips must be used to prevent water seepage.

Practicality: the products of toilet are more particular about the collocation effect than the simple pursuit style. They never have the best style but have the most classic style.