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Development Of Shower Room Industry
- Apr 23, 2018 -

Zhongshan was awarded the title of "China shower house manufacturing base" in 2008, and Nanyang town in Xiaoshan won the title of "home of China shower house" in 2007, and Foshan has the name of "Southern pottery capital" from ancient times, and now it is the leader of China's bathroom industry. "Three mountains" is the largest three production area in China's shower room industry. 90% of the shower products in the whole country come from these three places. The shower room industry in China has entered the pattern of "three mountains".

The shower room is an important branch of the bathroom industry. Compared with other industries, its industrialization and clustering degree is quite high. It has formed a regional industrial cluster with "three mountains" as the base, "Pearl River Delta" and "Yangtze River Delta" as the leading part. And in terms of industrial development and layout, Zhongshan, Xiaoshan and Foshan have gone out of their respective paths.

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