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Shower Room Classification
- Apr 23, 2018 -

The shower room is divided into the whole shower room and the simple shower room according to the function; the shower room, the shaped bath screen, the arc shower room, the bathtub bathing screen, etc. are divided according to the style; according to the shape of the chassis, it is divided into square, round, fan-shaped, diamond shaped shower room and so on; the door structure is divided into the door, the folding door, the flat open shower room and so on.

The function of the shower room is more and the price is higher. The whole shower room with steam function is also called steam room. Heart disease, hypertension patients and children can not use steam room alone. Compared with the whole shower room, the simple shower room has no "roof" and is rich in style. Its basic structure is the bottom basin or the artificial stone bottom or the natural rock bottom. The bottom basin has ceramic, acrylic, artificial stone and so on. The bottom sill or the bottom basin is installed with plastic or tempered glass shower room. The tempered glass doors have ordinary tempered glass and high quality steel. Tempered glass, water ripple toughened glass and cloth toughened glass.