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The Development Of The Sunshine House
- Apr 23, 2018 -

After the discovery of the new world, before the discovery of the new world, many tropical plants and flowers and fruits entered Europe before the industrial revolution. The climate of Europe was cold and unable to adapt to its production. The European palace aristocrats enjoyed it very much, so the Royal craftsmen built some greenhouses to meet the needs of the aristocrats. It was later found that the greenhouses were full of sunlight and green, so it could not only serve as a tropical crop in the greenhouse, but also form a special space for leisure, entertainment, family gatherings and studios.

After the first industrial revolution, in eighteenth Century, in London, World Expo, the United Kingdom built a 80 thousand square metre exhibition hall in order to demonstrate its industrial development. Its main character is the pure steel structure glass building, is the early steel structure sunlight room's peak work. At this stage, the mass production of steel has further expanded the coverage of early sunshine houses. We can find the steel structure sunlight room in the American feature film "the sound of music" and "the time machine" and so on.